How to Create a WordPress Website

By Bonnie McConaughy

WordPress is a very beneficial platform to use for your website or your business. It is easy to use and customizable. Whether you are an individual starting a new business venture and need to use the free version of WordPress, or you can afford to pay for a whole new website right away with it installed to use, it is a great tool for you to use! Websites and blogs are a great way for getting information out there for others to see and be drawn to whatever your business has to offer.

On the free version:

  1. Set up an account with WordPress.
  2. Choose how you want it to look: what theme to use, how you want to use your sidebar or header/footers, and which colors and fonts represent your business best.
  3. Write and publish posts. You can do this in the editor or under the “write” button at the top of the dashboard pages.
  4. Set up other settings that will help you get your blog out there: autoshare the posts to your social media pages, sharing buttons at the bottom of your blog post for others to share it, categories to organize the type of posts, and tags for what is discussed in each one.

With self-hosting and WordPress installed:

  1. Choose a hosting site to buy a domain on. Personally, I recommend Siteground as it has some of the highest reviews for a low price hosting site and has worked for my own website.
  2. Decide how you want it to look as far as theme, sidebars, colors and fonts go. This process is similar to the free version but there are usually more or less options depending on what you’re willing to pay for.
  3. Write and publish posts through the posts editor. Make sure to check the formatting in the menu on there as you work on your post so that you have paragraphs where you want a paragraph, and whatever else you need to consider.
  4. Set up the other settings for the posts just like with the free version: auto share to your social media pages, sharing buttons at the bottom of your blog post for others to share it easily, as well as the categories and tags mentioned above.

What your WordPress site can be used for:

  • BLOG- where you post on a regular basis to get the word out about updates, provide educational information, describe what’s going on, and much more.
  • ABOUT US- tell your readers about you and your business, why you started it and what your business does!
  • WORK WITH ME or SERVICES- to show how you can work with your customers and what services you provide.
  • FAQ page- to answer common questions that arise from your consumers.
  • RESOURCES- to provide some of the resources that your readers and consumers need, some that complement what you provide and some that may compete with what you provide, it’s good to have a balance!
  • SHOP- an ecommerce website where your consumers can go shopping for products and services that you offer or simply browse what you have available.

As you can see, a WordPress site can be very valuable to your business. It allows you to put together the web pages you need to best display your business and what it has to offer your consumers. It’s easy to set up so it reduces any frustration from you as you figure out how to make it work best for you, and will look great once it’s set up!

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