9 Emerging Tech Skills to Get a Pay Boost

Everyone knows that tech-related jobs have been on the rise for a while. According to research done by Payscale.com, a website that collects data on salary trends, the following skills have all emerged in the past 5 years and are likely to give you a sizable pay boost. Since most of these skills require a strong knowledge of programming languages, operating systems or software frameworks, we recommend you check out our articles on the best job skills for entry level graduates or the best skills for non-techies if you don’t already have a background in tech.

Rank Skill Pay Boost
1 [Scala] 22.2%
2 [Go] 20.0%
3 [Hadoop] 12.5%
4 [iOS SDK] 11.4%
5 Big Data Analytics 10.7%
6 [Cloud Computing] 10.4%
7 [Android SDK] 9.3%
8 [Selenium Automated Test Tool] 6.7%
9 [Groovy] 6.2%

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